Missing Helmet Ticket

Hey! This might be a dumb question to ask but recently I obtained the Nemethyst Series Armor from the Mission Pass, and was able to equipped the armor with no troubles. However, the cast head/helmet part ticket was nowhere to be seen in my inventory, and I was wondering why it wasn’t showing. I had inventory spaces left, but then checked in my storage to see if it was there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and I even checked if it was around the Salon or Fashion itself (Head Parts, etc). Is it somewhere I haven’t checked yet or redeem? It keeps mentioning that it’s currently unused.

As Head Parts are Tickets, then it normally would be in your Consumables tab, whether in your Inventory or Storage, assuming you didn't redeem it (which it looks like you didn't since the preview version still says it is unused). If it isn't, there is the possibility that it might have ended up bugged into another storage tab, like Furnishings; you can either try to search carefully one section at a time, or try typing the name in the Storage's search bar.

If you absolutely cannot locate it, then your only option is to submit a support ticket and pray.