Tired of The Emotional Abuse

I was recently ejected from an alliance after several months of being with people that felt like an extended family.

Let's take it from the top: it's the day after Valentine's Day, my ex boyfriend that I knew for just over one year and was so close to that I felt they were the love of my life, breaks up with me. A number of dark days pass where I'm bitter for a bit, I tell my alliance leader about it and no one else, have no idea if they shared it with the admins.

Fast forward to early March; a player named Artemis joins the alliance, opening with "does this alliance have any hate towards women?" Red flag pops up in my head, but I keep quiet.

I am on "The Spectrum", specifically Asperger's Syndrome High-functioning. A few days of them being around, a day comes that I had forgotten my meds the night before. Lo and behold, I strike up a conversation in Discord, bringing up the idea that comes to mind of "International Woman's Day shouldn't exist -and neither should International Men's Day", but before I could get to the "men" part, I am slapped by multiple people who feel disgusted I would have the audacity to suggest such an idea, first being a rampaging Artemis, and another being an admin that felt like a sister to me.

I am told to consider myself on notice the very instant the Alliance Leader gets home and online. Told that Artemis had spent hours talking with him about this (I assume also relating past experiences to bolster her side). Meanwhile I am being distracted by the fact that said admin made the bot update an event post and coordinated the sniping of a limited slot for an event 20 min before it happened.

The admin would normally talk with me about something I'm doing wrong, let me learn from it, such did not happen this time. I come to learn not long ago, through the only direct interaction I've had with Artemis that she didn't care for an apology, she was more than happy to get rid of me, thinking I was a misogynist. She orchestrated the enhancement of the pain of losing trust along side that admin.

To be honest, when this all happened, I wasn't in my best controlled, but I was robbed of the opportunity to become better. My view from then was that I wouldn't be here, I'd be gone, no one to type this out.

Snowflakes melt, but stone, is refined under heat. You may blast stone apart, but it can still become better than it was.

I am tired of hurting, but pain helps to prove I exist.

@DELTAOTTER8 said in Tired of The Emotional Abuse:

but I was robbed of the opportunity to become better

No. You were not owed this. You cannot be robbed of something you were not entitled to in the first place.

It's not other people's responsibility to help you better yourself. That's all up to you and only you.

Due to your actions, it seems like they thought the best option they had to better their enjoyment of the game was to remove you due to your actions, and given the immaturity in that quoted statement, I would agree with them as you're implying this is not the first event something you have said or done has hurt the alliance as a whole and hindored their enjoyment of the game.

Walk away, pick yourself up, and learn from what you did wrong.

I feel for you @DELTAOTTER8 . It certainly would have been nice to have let you discuss things at length. So that all sides could be fully expressed and considered. Groups, clubs, Alliances, etc. at their base are all potential "Lord of the Flies" situations waiting to happen. Especially when leadership aren't really leaders and more the friends of the founding members a lot of the time. With whatever sense of cool that brings them.

Best bet is to move on as best you can. Maybe hopefully find another more open, intelligent, and free speech / fair consideration alliance. The opposite of the over work 2020+ intolerant left mindset that last one seemed to be like. Probably full of Gen Alpha, Beta, Zoomers full of all kinds of over-wokism and entitlements etc. etc. And I can promise you there are a lot of members in that alliance that are supportive of you. But they are too afraid to speak. If for being deemed "uncool" or "a bad fit" for that alliance.

For all of @Kragwulf 's STFU put your big girl pants and move on speak. They are basically correct. With the exception of saying to learn from what you did wrong. Unless the wrong was failing to confirm to this alliances toxic/intolerant environment. Which would be redic.

New and some better friends will come. As a Gen X 90s Era Classical Liberal I can say this is not a good time to be a free thinking fair minded logical person in this world. But we're out there. Def listen to your gut. You'll be ok. Especially if you focus on and allow yourself to be.

o/ 😻

Thank the both of you for your words, I think they can fuel my path for a good ways. I wish both of you the best in future endeavors.

The main issue with this entire post is it is entirely half the story. Artemis simply wished him well and to help his mother out with shopping, since he was bemoaning the fact he would miss an alliance event. It quickly spiraled out of control when openly attacked a holiday that several of our members were celebrating. He was asked multiple times by my officers to stop. However, Roland you chose to continue to press. It’s the same thing I told you when I released you. Actions have consequences. It’s not about being woke, members simply asked you to stop being disrespectful from a simple well wishing comment. I made the decision to remove you because this was not the first time you had made these types of remarks in our discord. You were afforded plenty of opportunities to change course and grow as a person.

Additionally, Roland your condition was always taken into consideration, the problem is that your change in your actions, words and behavior towards your fellow members were only surface deep. Unless constantly reminded you would quickly fall back into the same behavior we had asked you to correct. I cannot keep excusing your actions when others are unhappy and uncomfortable.

I still wish you the best my old friend and I hope you learn and grow from this.

Okay, bucko. This has gone on long enough.

Hi, I'm the Artemis in question. Yes, I am relatively new to the alliance that removed him. Let me set some things straight. 1) You were ultimately removed after what I understand to be multiple talking-tos and previous issues. The reason you were removed was that you were openly toxic and sexist towards not only myself, but women in general on International Womens Day after you made remarks about bailing on your mother for an in-game event, with more than one person feeling the same sense of sexism and hostility. 2) You have been starting drama EVERYWHERE since being removed, dragging the my name (and the alliance's) through the mud everywhere you go. You did this on the ARKS Fleet Discord and were summarily told to shut up by multiple people, including the owner herself. 3) From my understanding, you were on your way out anyways due to making people uncomfortable, including but not limited to openly talking about your furrydom and making crude "yiff" jokes, making others feel awkward, and so on.

The reason I asked the recruiter whether the alliance in question had a positive attitude towards women was because of actions of people such as yourself.

Your actions since being removed have all but solidified that the officers' decision was sound and in good taste. Please stop before you do any more damage to yourself, because I promise you are not harming me.

tl;dr Stop f*cking harassing me, creeper.

Get help.

@MsArtemis Oh I assure you, I was well within capable of being talked to before you showed up, little miss trouble maker in several alliances. You exellerated the issue beyond being able to correct me by whining to the Leader for an entire day.

You left a previous alliance after hitting on the leader, being turned down, and then throwing a major hissy fit beyond what I would ever dream of dragging my self down to.

The emotional state I've been in, both at surface level and below has cost me a best friend out of PSO2, because they couldn't put up with, nor even tell me I was too clingy, I had to come to the realization myself on that one as an after the fact.

And yes, I did leave a good chunk out, as my mind had pushed much into the background due to the lack of reminders and my own upset feelings, no control over that last regard, always had trouble in that field ever since my overdose back in 2014.

Just going to be straight with you, constantly using your own delusions as an excuse to mentally and emotionally encumber those who tried to accept you is the apex of mental immaturity and textbook ego. I'm not a perfect being, but I know how to respect others' boundaries and space. You do not. You exemplify this by pushing when others have flat-out asked you to stop.

Also, this forum isn't LiveJournal or Tumblr. Stop dragging your baggage everywhere. I'm not going to reply to you anymore. I'll just report everything and move on.

@MsArtemis Quna asked me to stop, and I have, when it concerns Quna Qorps. You are a vagrant wanderer spreading your filth where ever you go. Have a nice experience there until you do something to screw it up and have wasted everyone's time.


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