Can We Have People that are Actually Competent in the Player Support ?

As I'm sure most people to have ever used the Player Support feature on the pso2 site knows, the people that reply to tickets seem to have a lot of issues with doing their job. The first submitted ticket in a chain taking about 24 hours to get a response makes sense as most likely more than one person is reporting an issue at any given time (that's not my complaint, as that's reasonable).

But it seems with each additional response via e-mail it takes more and more days to finally receive a response to your ticket. Also the main reason you even need to send additional replies via email in the first place typically seems to be not because you didn't provide enough info, but because the person handling your ticket seems to be extremely bad at reading comprehension.

You could explain everything clearly and provide every single thing anyone could possibly need to understand what you're submitting a ticket about, and they still will completely miss the point. They will reply to your ticket with something barely relevant to your ticket, or ask for more evidence or something similar when you've provided all of it already. I've had this happen to me one too many times, so I need to post about this, since I'm sure other people are in the exact same situation.

And I think this needs to be posted since no one seems to be doing anything about the poor handling of support tickets.

If it even is an actual person responding, it for certain is someone who is doing the work completely alone or at least understaffed. Lucky if they even understand english. Why? Once again: think of the savings!

You won't cause SEGA nickles and dimes us for AC and SG but won't put any money towards actual support.