Who finds the Starting rifle models look cool?

Like Dim Rifle, or the starting Rifles of the Ranger class.

They look cool as hell, they really remind of the Scar assault rifle from Crysis games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMpkpKKhw_w

I would hope that at some point we can get the Weapon Camos that the Japanese side has that includes the Coated Weapons and Vita Weapons so that we can use the "Starting" weapons as a skin. If this happens, I would personally love for a spillover where the older weapons from previous games (Dual Bird and Spread Needle for example) also get their respective Weapon Camos without the need of Weapon Transmutation Passes as well.

I will note the Spread Needle camo's bullets are different from the weapon



It should also be noted that the Dual Bird and Spread Needle camos cannot change color.

Sadly that may not matter much because in NGS CB1 it looked like all special effects that camos have don't work anyway, maybe they can fix that but it just works like how if you use different GFX using TMG on Hero all the PAs change the bullets to standard effects and they never cared to change that there either.