One Last Time

I just saw that we getting another enhancement campaign and still no Sg support scratch pls sega or whoever is managing global pls for the love of minmaxing pls release the sg support scratch before this campaign goes away I rly wanna start with my end game unit affixing but for tht I need mark capsule which only comes from Sg support scratch. Pls ive been waiting for so long.

I don’t think they’ve ever announced a scratch more than a couple of days before it comes out, so if they do release it during this boost week will probably be announced just before boost week starts.

I do hope that the people that want it, get it. It really wouldn’t make a lot of sense for them not to, a lot of people will be spending SG big time if they drop that during a boost week, it would be easy money for them. That being said if the worse does happen and we don’t get the Sg scratch, you can make end game units without marks. You do Guardian Soul, Vet V, Crack V, Absolute Glare base. Then use transfer bases to add in Mana Rev, Aether Factor and a Grand, along with your S aug on your Kraus unit.

TBH I'd like to see some way of reliably farmimg SGs in decent quantities before they release stuff like a SG support scratch.