Challenge mode Decision wallclip exploit - TA exploit - PvP exploit


You don't understand. It is humanly impossible to press the lillipa buttons in less than 0.1s and yet they do. And guess what? That's a 3rd party program at work. Just like how it is humanly impossible to get all 11 ticks of holding current in the first frame.


You say it's an unfair advantage, but it's also not easy to do at all. If anything, using macros in TAs is more unfair as it's extremely easy to just press a button do it and you need the program for it.

@ZENCHI Oh really, so what do you think I'm in their CM group or something? Or am I a cheater just because I regularly land in 1st through 3rd (unlike you)?

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@Milranduil I'm not deflecting anything. I'm not even in their CM clique, just here to call out the bullshit and stop disinfo.

There's no bullshit or disinfo, the only bullshit and disinfo is:

"It's not that much of an advantage", "I don't have time to deal with NA", "we'd get first place anyway" and my favorite "but think of the hackers!"

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@ZENCHI Oh really, so what do you think I'm in their CM group or something? Or am I a cheater just because I regularly land in 1st through 3rd (unlike you)?

There are only two different parties at top one, so you're either on the one that loses most weeks, or the one that used to win most before going full cheating.

@ZENCHI Meanwhile:

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It's hard staying top 10 now that most of the people ranking there are abusing it, the only way to be there is abusing the exploit

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Point proven it's straight up cheating and this one just confessed. I don't know the maths behind it so thank you.

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@GM-Deynger Help please?

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You're cheating, and confessed to it while trying to make excuses. You just reported yourself.

and literally all the rest of your posts and the posts on your alt, especially the ones using individual score samples as if a single sample has statistical meaning.

@Reilet just say "cheating is okay when it's hard" next time

papa rushia is just better than u guys it sucks you dont want to admit it and accuse him of cheating i dont want to really sound like a whiteknight but im just forever loyal to him with all the pokemon diamond/pearl cheat codes he has created for my childhood. sucks but just improve instead of endlessly complaining about him

In todays episode of Sega forum battles watch the gymnastical tale of claiming thing useless but do thing anyway instead of not doing thing.

@Laep You need an account to start a ticket so I made one. It's tied to my steam account, doesn't matter who you think I am as sega can see that I'm clearly not that guy. Now you can either live in your fantasy where everyone you disagree with is the same person, or tackle the core issue which is whether or not clipping through walls is perfectly legit and ok.

just buy a gamer chair, and you'll get 54xx score.

I for one hope that we can have CM drama threads be the thing that explodes on the forum regularly from now on, this is quite the difference from the threads made by the people that want to watch the kids bathe/grope each other and this is far more interesting too.

@Wash-your-hands yeah sweetheart I'm sure that your account which had no forum activity since it was created in november, was made within a day of Zenchis, and has only manifested to write big long posts in this thread made by Zenchi, has absolutely no connection to Zenchi. Like honie that's not going to slip by me. I disagree with plenty of people on the forum and there's only ever been one other where I've clocked all their alts and even had them admit to it.

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None of us cheat, we are simply just going faster

Heh, everyone who cheats says something similiar and It's alwasy BS. It's no wonder you felt called out by this thread.

Story time!

Once upon a time in the JP version, Ship Infiltration(the ultimate quest if you did not know) had a way of allowing you to clip from the ship before you start the countdown of the quest to skip to Area 2. SEGA found out and warned people to not do it or there may be consequences. This is pretty much a similar situation of clipping to do something you're not intended to do. The staff seem to do things selectively, but maybe they don't know of the existence of this clipping in the first place.

As far as macro for button presses go they probably allow that now because they figured it was a mistake. Are there any new button pressing mechanics nowadays? Nope, they intentionally made it easier to deal with button mashing PAs or even got rid of the mechanic for a certain one like Messiah Time/Chronolapse.

I'd be forever grateful if they removed asshats like *ch from the game, seeing as he clearly uses 3rd party tools in both PvP AND CM.

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@Jeeg-The-Ant Not even JP scores this high. And of course they wouldn't. You're way more likely to be banned for pulling these kinds of tricks.

To the rest of your group, you don't have to convince me. I've already filled a ticket. I have low hopes of sega investigating any of this but that's the proper course of action and all I can really do.

it's nice that you still have low hopes of them doing something because i've got no hope in them

my ticket regarding exploting/cheating (completely unrelated to this thread) that i've submitted for na hasn't amounted to anything and even as i type this they are still actively cheating on ship1 and have been doing so every day for at least a few months now

so feel free and cheat because there's clearly nothing that will stop anyone who attempts to do so