Used Vogulus Head on wrong character

I accidentally used the Vogulus Head on the wrong character. Is there any way that I can file a ticket with a moderator/game master & have the item restored? I know most MMOs do a one time item restore per account but don't advertise it because it requires the GM manually do it, which is a hassle for them.

At the very least change the warning message for this sort of thing, it needs to much clearer for other people in the future so they don’t get boned like I did. It literally told me I would be able to use the Vogulus Head on all characters on my account, but that is clearly not the case here.

pretty sure it actually says you'll only be able to use it on the character it's redeemed on, because they all say that.

I agree with OP. Clarity for this type of thing should be of utmost importance, and the “confirmation warning” even contradicts the item description.

Im gonna restrain myself from ranting but: putting a permanent choice in front of the player that can impact their ENTIRE account, is absolutely disgusting. Im simply refering to these limited one time use items such as the photon rings acc. and mission pass items. And if money is the only option to fix a characters class skills, Ill just cease playing because of that alone.

Also still no reply regarding my support ticket regarding 2nd password issues.

This post is deleted!

This is what is displayed if you've never used the item ticket.


It displays the same message on all cosmetic tickets.


It will only say what you claimed if you use a second ticket.


If you did use a second ticket and it's not working as intended, that would be an issue.

So if I acquire another ticket for the same thing, it will be account bound (or server bound)?

If yes, Im perfectly OK with that. Just still feels bad for limited one time only stuff.