Have you gotten many compliments on your characters?

Just wondering.

In my case, no one has talked to me (aside from alliance invites) at all in this game. I'm not too worried at all about it, though.

I get a lot of likes through the fashion catalog thing but apart from that not much interaction with others.

I don't get a ton, I have like 200 likes in the lookbook, but it's w/e, I don't exactly go out of my way to interact with people much anyway.

The comments I receive are obvious at a glance, be it positive or negative.

Lookbook likes also happen.

I've gotten "Are you really an angel?"

Ah, so most of your "compliments" come from likes in the lookbook feature. Interesting.

Oh, sorry... I'm too busy running quests, killing mobs and upgrading gear to notice.

I've gotten a few likes on lookbook, but I just did that to get a daily quest reward.

But enjoy whatever you like, there is something for everyone here in PSO2.

Occasionally on NA I get some but on JP I got quite a few even though my NA character is pretty similar aside from the hair and missing costume.

I don't even have a lookbook, and the only "kudos" i got was from someone who told me to make one. I, of course, did not.

Yeah, a lot of attention surprisingly. Random people going up and just being nice like “you’re so cute/I love your outfit” and a lot of headpats. I don’t mind that at all but don’t like the creepy compliments. Most comments are via PM or in chat, not Kudos.

Oddly enough my androgynous prince alt Ilyana is the one who got all the Lookbook titles, not Milk.

I've gotten a few fans. Mostly people saying my character is super attractive/really cute and such. I also get constant like from the same people even though i don't really like other lookbooks.

I have my cast set up with that pancake head and a body that has a high collar, so I look fully headless, so I get A LOT of "Dude, where is your head?" comments that I have much pride for. I love my Dullahan Cast and any chance I can do my joking complain bit of my head running away and whenever I find it I'm gonna kick the little jerk, is a good session for me.