Battle Arena (PvP)

Just remove pvp all together in here. The vast marjority of mmorpgs are not setup to pvp. It's a tacked on system that is always a total mess. The game is 99% pve, play it for that. If you want pvp then play games spefically developed with it in mind. Mobas, fighting games, racers, the countles fps and tps games with tons of multiplayer maps. You want a mmorpg with decent pvp then try blade and soul but it still has it's problems.
The system for pso/psu/pso2 does not work for making a pvp mode that is ever going to work properly or have any semblance of balance.

The whole of PSO2 would be better off in its entirety if PvP was removed completely and its rewards moved to some other category. It's literally a joke.

Kinda figured the people saying to remove the mode would show up and I will tell you right now that I completely disagree since the mode is liked by some people such as myself and my only complaint with it is the ping advantage that @Miraglyth mentioned since I am in EU and usually my hits don't connect properly causing me to lose a fight and potentially lose the game in some cases. The devs said this mode is a gimmick and while I agree with moving rewards for it elsewhere it would murder the mode for people like me entirely.

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I completely disagree since the mode is liked by some people

Some people like having a permanent advantage over others and swimming in the easy high rewards that come with it. More at 10. 😛

Normally I'd be in perfect agreement that some people liking something is reason enough to keep it (though if it has a cost to keep running there's also a question of whether those people are enough to justify that cost - doesn't really apply in Battle Arena's case). But in this case the enjoyment is parasitic and caused by others' suffering.

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while I agree with moving rewards for it elsewhere it would murder the mode for people like me entirely.

If the rewards are literally the only thing keeping it played at all, maybe that's saying something.

Combining both parts of the reply: I wouldn't mind leaving it up for the handful of people that might actually care for what it is, when it isn't really costing anything to leave there.

Just why in heck's name does it have to reward not only more Star Gems than Casino and Buster Quests combined, but give the required currency to advantaged players way faster than both of them combined as well? We're on Global and we're desperate for Star Gems compared to JP. And even players who aren't might soon be if NGS launches with an SG scratch. This setup just makes no sense.

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Except they don't, just give the "host" of the match the ability to create "banlists" for skills, gear and abilities. This would put the responsibility of "balancing" the matches onto the player while giving them more options in the process. No "rebalancing" required.

And then a group of friends who have perfected cheesing will use it to their advantage to win every game. Then when people figure it out, they exclusively use it to trap beginners in an unwinnable battle. You know, just another day in PvP land.

Which would be on them for joining the battle on their terms. Also, beginners being "facerolled" by the more experiaced players is true for pretty much every game that involves PvP regardless of how "balanced" the game in question is.

Heh, yeah. PvP victim blaming is normal. Just give people the freedom to set up their own rules so they can gank beginners who come and try PvP, and once they give up, you only have yourself to blame for the game modes failure. Well, it's not the game mode, just the players who ruin it. But that should be obvious. Then you can complain how "nobody plays PvP, boohoo. Add new and unique rewards to entice people to come and get gangraped by my group of friends".

I just prefer how ffxiv and gw2 do pvp. You can play as your class and your favorite weapon but your skills are completely different in pvp. They’re constantly balancing those skills so people can play what they want, not just follow the meta. For example, in pvp for ffxiv if you play a Black Mage you have a lot of spells to hinder others like putting that pesky healer to sleep! Or Warrior’s holmgang move that can pull a fleeing enemy off a cliff. It’s good fun, still familiar enough you can tell it’s your class but balanced exclusively for pvp.