Removing restrictions Alter Ego in Story quests

My suggestion is as follows:

Option 1: Ignore damage received from using Alter Ego in Story quests;


Option 2: Provide the summoner class with an alternative boost for the duration of the story quests.


During the passage of the Story quest, I found that a record of the received damage is kept in some of them. For this reason, I received a decrease in rank from S to A. On the one hand, this is correct, since these are the conditions of the quest, but on the other hand, it turns out that the summoner class cannot use their strongest skills in order not to receive a decrease in the score.

It is highly illogical that the Summoner class is constrained to do this (as far as I know about other classes).

In fairness just being Summoner is one of the easiest ways to reduce damage taken. Even without using Alter Ego I S-ranked the entirety of Episode 5 when it released and didn't need a second attempt for any of it. Yes it's a bit slower, but not needing to worry about being hit is a huge advantage over most other classes.

I don't think is possible to do it or even worth it to do it because is removing the entire drawback of the skill from 1 mode and it can cause issues in the other modes and also removing any kind of penalty for Summoners that will be pretty unfair to all other classes in story mode so better stay the way is now, you can just not use Alter Ego and sure is 20% less damage but you won't suffer any kind of damage.