AC Scratch lack of male hair types

So out of the past most recent scratches we have received only 1 male type hairstyle (looks more suited for guys or is just outright a female based hairstyle). Can we please start getting AC Scratches that have more variety on the male hairstyle side? Like I still can't get the god-tier Tatsuya short Hairstyle that I have on JP (My profile pic has it too) nor can I get the male weaponoid hair-style "Saika Hyouri" which is another decent pick.

Just a request if anything

At least for those, you might be holding your breath for a while since Tatsuya is from a collab with Irregular, so that's got licensing issues probably holding it back. Saika Hyouri might come later, but it looks like that was a fairly recent scratch on JP (Oct 2020?) so it might be a bit too.

There's definitely less male hairstyles than female, but it's probably that way on JP too, just the name of the game + what sells. Sucks for male chars, though.

Both collabs, Tatsuya from The Irregular at Magic High School. Saika Hyouri is weaponoid and from what I seen they been avoiding PSO2es stuff outside of few swimsuits?