Anyone else feel like they screwed up?

I earned enough material to make pretty decent gear but screwed up and affixed the wrong stats. I got a couple mana reverie capsules and used them by accident thinking they were graceful mights. on trash gear. I feel as though I have wasted my time and effort on this game now and am at a point where I think I should probably just walk away from the game for good. What can be done to salvage this colossal mistake?

@Rangdipkin Wow, 3 Rang Dipkins forming a perfect celestial hossana! Nice to see a fellow T&E fan ;D

And I'm sorry to hear about your affixing snafu. I think your only options are to transfer all of the augments from your trash gear to better pieces using Augment Transfer Passes; or you could use your trash gear as fodder in an attempt to make Guardian Soul (requires Mana Reverie + Astral Soul + Aether Factor + Absolute Glare). Unfortunately, I don't think there's a Reverie Receptor that will let you move just Mana Reverie to another piece of gear.

However, there's also the option of selling it on the Player Shop and on Ship 1 I think units were going for ~25M the last time I checked.

Reverie Receptor can be purchased at Rise Weapons Badge 5.

@QWERT Ooo, that's great news! It didn't show up on the Affix Assistant site so I wasn't sure it existed.

Rejoice my fellow @Rangdipkin as you no longer need to walk away from this game to play "It's Not Jackie Chan" ;D

If they are at least 3-4 slot equipment, can be used for guardian soul fodder for some people.

They are 7 slot units but have some junk affixes that are irritatingly bad. I still have a few capsules I could use to boost but would be looking at 240 max stat. The chance of using a rev cat seems too risky to try. I am also in desperate need of a skydance support since I wasted mine by mistake while affixing. Not sure when or how that will come around.

@Rangdipkin Hmm, this is indeed a tricky situation. I see your options as follows:

  • Use those units as fodder to make your own Guaradian Soul affixes. I just checked the simulator (which does display Rev Receptor!) and was surprised to see that you'll only have a 10% base chance of transferring Mana Rev with a Receptor which is the same as the base chance for making Guardian Soul. So I'd lean towards making GS on a 4-slot unit with a 4-slot insurance item from the AC Swap Shop.

Please note that I haven't actually gotten to the point of using insurance items myself yet, so I'm not sure if both the base and the fodder need to be at 4-slots to get everything back if you fail, or if only the base unit needs to be at 4-slots and fodder can be higher. Any veteran affixers know? If it's the latter, then you'd need to use Augment Transfer Passes and move Mana Rev to a 4-slot fodder unit before attempting Guardian Soul.

  • Sell those units on the Player Shop and use your earnings to buy Skydance Support on the Player Shop. It's currently dropping from the Final Lament UQ, but prices were super high the last time I checked. Although, if you have a lot of patience, I remember hearing that it also comes as a guaranteed drop after clearing Depth 80 of the upcoming solo Ultimate Quest against Sodam.

  • Use Augment Transfer Passes to move only the good affixes from those 7-slot units to a lower slot unit. Then use more Augment Transfer Passes to upslot that new unit while adding in strong capsules.

  • Or you could just give those units to one of your alternate characters as I'm sure they're good enough for most content!