Inviting to a party

Unsure if this is still a known issue but I can't join/invite someone locally on the same network to a party. We've tried party beacon, going through quest, etc and nothing works. However, we are still able to join other parties.

Muting players via the Xbox system (outside the game) automatically blacklists them in PSO2. If unmuting them doesn't fix the issue, you must send a support ticket. This has been an issue/etc. since closed beta.

Also try and update your original player Id, before you pick with your character go to the support options and change id (PN#####) you can do this once for free, me and a friend had the same problem and after he did this everything was fine we could party and whisper, I hope this helps

awesome and your welcome

My friend and I are currently having problems joining each other. It says unable to join at this time for various reasons. I'm wondering if it's because we are using the same router or what it could be. We changed our ID and still no. We've tried various things but it won't let us join a party.

Idk about the router cuz me and my wife can party up just fine, did this just start?

Yes it did we tried joining other people in missions and whoever confirms second gets kicked saying that they don't meet party conditions.

What ship are you on

Ship one

Me 2 what’s you GT and I’ll look you up and see what happens

I'm using it here actually I'm currently in block 24

Are you sure you aren't muted on each other's XBOX. If you are muted, you are added to the blacklist, which is handled by the system, rather than the game on XBOX.

What’s you player Id name

Ok so we were muted due to a group issue since we got tired of hearing each other through the headsets. I made my player ID the same as my Xbox name. Anyway thanks for the help.