[SHIP 4] Swing by Gunpla Mafia's Alliance Quarters for City Athelete + Moon Runner titles! No strings attached.

If you have yet to earn the 2 titles tied to specific alliance bases (City Athlete + Moon Runner), Gunpla Mafia is opening up shop once more! Come on by the HQ, play the minigame, and get a title! It's that simple! It's been a while since I've done this and there's ton of newer players who probably don't even know about this, so I figured it was about time.

We are starting off with the Tokyo base for the next 2 days and will rotate to the Moon base afterwards for another 2 days. This should give everyone ample time to come on by and grab a title. For those into PQ's, each title gives furnishings (Lunar Rabbit supremacy).

Search us up on Visiphone and click "Visit Alliance Quarters."

Bump~ Come on by, we'll swap to moon base tmrw.

We'll be on moon base after maintenance ends! Come on down, last call.

Swing on by and grab the Moon Runner title! Moon Surface base is now active for the next 2 days. Again, all ya gotta do is play the base minigame.

Bump, last day!