Issues with PSO2 launcher.

Hello all, I have come here to ask for assistance with the Steam version of PSO2. I have contacted Support team with this issue, and I'm looking for any other solutions. Basically, whenever I launch straight from Steam, or even Tweaker for that matter, it never actually launches the game. It initializes the anticheat, but does not load the game. It kills the anticheat process. I have disabled Win defender and have attempted every possible fix out there. I want to get to playing as soon as I can, and not have to wait for maint again. Much thanks in advance to whoever can help.

Have you set the game folder as an exclusion in Windows Security? Even if you disable Windows Security, for some reason it can still cause issues with Gameguard unless you set the game as an exclusion.

I see you use Tweaker, none of the fixes in Tweaker's troubleshooting section worked? Also, disable Core Isolation in Windows Security > Device Security.

You should go to Phantasy Star Fleet on Discord. That is the discord channel from the Tweaker website. Go to the en-tech-support channel and post up your GameGaurd erl files and it should be able to help with issues, since it seems like a GameGuard issue.

@AndrlCh Already have made exclusions. I also tried disabling core isolation but it’s already off, it seems

Issue has been solved, ran a few commands w. cmd prompt and repaired my WMI.