Scratch Ticket Listings on Site

I'm not entirely sure that this constitutes as an "in-game" suggestion, but it didn't really fall under the forum suggestion.

Currently, when a new AC scratch ticket is listed, we only see the base color for the basewears, outfits, outerwears, and innerwears. Trying to track down these colors later, long after the ticket has passed, is challenging -- especially if you had to miss out or weren't playing at this time. I think it'd be a good idea for global PSO2 team to start including the variants when the ticket is released.

I agree.

That said, due to it not being a feature, external sites have taken the helm of filling in the official gap, such as bumped's fashion database which lists all non-Mission Pass costumes and cosmetics along with the variants (though it might not be up to date right now).

@AndrlCh Yeah! Bumped's been a great resource, but I spoke about volunteering to help archive, and the current project owner said they're probably gonna repurpose that portion of the website for NGS. : ( I'm in a position to grab item names & colors, but not really in the position to host a website right now.