[Ship 2] Community Discord Server

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Ship 2 Community Discord Server

A proper community discord server with unbiased moderation. We have only been open a couple of days and we already have 130+ members! Very active general chat with daily UQ MPAs, Triggers, Divide Quest & XQ4 groups! We also run CM every weekend (Saturday main ship, Sunday universal ship) for weekly SG rankings. Be prepared for the final UQ with our lfg channel 😉

Everyone is welcome: https://discord.gg/C4kPUUGa7M

I joined this server and grew 5 inches taller! Incredible!

There is a general server for pso2? Something with a channel for every ship or something or a discord for ship 4

Ty, I might finally find a group to run VHAQs with. It's been really rough farming for unique weapon badges. Also hope they don't mind my collection of eggplants.

I was skeptical about this discord at first, but after getting to talk and meet with new people in it, I have no regrets! This is a nice home for ship 2!

tpd trains daily and mpa for each uq 🗣

a bump .

bump. our lfg channels can notify you of DQ room holds so you can farm exegul/varuna/etc easily

get ur ttpd group / clears!


Germans Dm me

wow mans advertising in my thread 😠