Chat Issues, The chat isn't working for me but only for other players I'm having this problem on ship 1

So yesturday I want to do some divide quests and people are ignoring me I got pi**ed off and just said screw it whatever and then I ask others on the block and no one cared. So this morning I woke up got on pso2 and see if anyone wanted to do the divide quest 3 people joined but failed the first part and they left because of UQ (urgent quest) and I said okay I'm going to do it too and I notice something earlier while I was in the divide quest... I saw I couldn't use party chat or instead I couldn't see it, So I just didn't think too much of it and just leave and do the UQ and then when I finished I got back to the lobby and first I was joking around with some people before I left and came back to them and said "Back" now I thought they were afk but I quickly realised I couldn't talk with my main or any of my characters and I tried talking and showing symbol arts and couldn't so I was stuck for a sec and got the idea of using the overlay feature on the character to communicate and then someone noticed and then another person did as well we tried figuring out the problem and we couldn't so I just said thanks for the help and left and came here to ask what is going on?? People on reddit said the same issue 9 months ago saying it's about the xbox live but I'm on pc so what's up with that? I should play games freely on pc instead of using worrying about gold that's on xbox! I know my account is linked to my xbox but still I can play other games with my xbox account without a issue so what's up with that?? Anyways thanks for reading and I hope this gets fixed because People can't see my messages or symbol art but I can see theirs and their symbol arts.

On the Windows Store version, you use a Microsoft Account, which is also an XBOX Account when it comes to using it for games, even if you don't own an XBOX. XBOX and Windows 10 use the same account, except Windows 10 doesn't need Gold for online. Pretty soon, Free2Play games on XBOX won't need Gold, either. Anyway, all you can do is check your Microsoft Account's privacy settings and make sure to enable all of the multiplayer features if any are disabled. However, if you were able to regular chat with people before, it seems more likely that either they are on Steam or Epic and your Privacy settings don't allow interacting with them, OR Xbox Live had a service issue that prevented communications from working at the time.

Update my chat is working fine now... so yea It wasn't a settings problem it's basically the game being weird.

Maybe you got chat banned.

@FANtasyStarOnline nope just a issue with the game. It was fixed a day after sooo yea...