What I am hoping for NGS so far...

@Vashzaron Hmm, it depends on how the multi-weapon system handles augments, I guess one of the following could be what happens when 2 weapons are merged:

  • they get access to both weapons augments and when using the attacks from the sub-weapon, it uses the sub-weapon's augments? I think this one is very unlikely though.
  • the main weapon augments are used, but the sub-weapon uses the main weapon's attack type (for example, when merging a sword and rifle, the rifle attacks would still use strike damage?)
  • the main weapon augments are used, but the attack types remain separate (rifle attacks would still use ranged damage), so the augments on the main weapon would have to take into consideration both attack types (probably the most likely of the 3).

I really wonder what would happen if I merge the Assault rifle with Techers Wand, will my assault rifle weapon be able to cast Techniques or somehow, or my wand will be able to shoot bullets?

@Charus There are limitations to the multi-weapon system, only NGS weapons can be merged (weapons that we bring from the current PSO2 can't be merged), and only weapons from the same series can be merged ("Prim Rifle" can be merged with "Prim Wand", but it can't be merged with "Subia Wand").

Let's say the main weapon is the wand and the sub weapon is the rifle, thanks to the limitations above, what happens is that when using one of the rifle PAs, the wand's appearance quickly changes to the rifle's appearance without the delay of switching weapons (so it's still a rifle doing the shooting).

@Ezodagrom What would be the difference if the Wand was the sub weapon instead of the rifle, how it would function differently?

@Charus Pretty much just the other way around, you have a rifle that quickly changes into the wand appearance when using wand related attacks, but its default appearance is the rifle.

@Vashzaron Huh. That is pretty counter-intuitive.

@ultimatecalibur I guess, like alway, we'll just have to wait and see... Are dungeons a version of expeditions in NGS? I sure hope it's not some forced grouping thing, like in most other multiplayer games.

@Ezodagrom For Multiweapon Augments, I think we may end up seeing a preference for a new version of the Mastery/Ability Augments Synthesized by Affixing a combination of Might/Power+Ranged/Shoot+Casting/Technique on "crosstype" Multiweapons while "sametype" Multiweapons stick to affixing the single damage type augments. A lot about NGS affixing is unknown.

@Yggranya For what I've seen from cb1 testers they are doable solo or in a group if you want.

@ultimatecalibur Well, one can hope.