Phantasy Star Universe Soundtrack

I'm not quite sure where else to ask, but is there any possibility to convince someone to somehow include one of the tracks from Phantasy Star Universe in the NA Release of PSO2? My best friend's favorite track was the Valentine theme from PSU, which could be played on JP using a jukebox and track, and we were pretty bummed that Valentine's day didn't include it. Not just that specific track, but a lot of the franchise's music would be really nice to have. What are the chances of it being put in a Scratch or Campaign, or even buyable content pack?

I'd like to see more music from PSU as well, all we've really seen was Marriage PSU #14 from FUN Scratches of May & June 2020 and For Brighter Day (Remix) PSU #04 in the Mission Badge Swap Shop, just 2 discs.

As someone who got hooked on Phantasy Star series by Universe, it hurts knowing that the soundtracks that further helped me enjoy the series aren't available, I understand PSO having a lot of tracks since its directed represented in the name & for nostalgic purposes, but Universe really meant something to us especially the tracks played & the fact the Shining Series has more music discs available than a Phantasy Star Title is a bit concerning to know. As well as the JP client having 81 different PSU music discs available.

As mentioned in there has been a lack of music discs in the FUN Scratches for the past few months now, only giving about a single disc per Scratch & recently (past 3 FUN Scratches) none at all, I would very much appreciate if you could consider adding more PSU music discs to the Future FUN Scratches.

@Church10129 I wonder if there's anyone we can speak to directly about this matter, since it seems like something that's easily included or taken care of...

@Bladensky , PSO2 reuses a lot of tracks from PSO1 and PSU for its Lobby themes tho which track is used seems to happen interchangeably.

Using the Valentines theme you asked about, sometimes they use PSO1's Valentines theme while other times they use PSU's. The same goes for every other theme with some exceptions here and there.

EDIT: I sorry, I see you also meant the Jukebox. I believe in JP they have music discs for PSU as well so.... it's only a matter of time for Global I suppose.

I think this actually is the right place for this topic, lol There are lots of places they can add PSU music discs to, FUN scratch being a good choice. They could also have an entire PSU collaboration set, either an AC scratch or full purchasable pack. That way they can add a bunch of tracks and even cosmetics.

@Alexia That's a really good idea. I'd pay money for PSU's Valentine music in a heartbeat. How often to GMs and other officials look at these threads?