@Prokaizer I get how you feel. I am not saying they won't give us any more period. But the way they gave them out previously is basically gone now. So they would have to throw them in a campaign or mission pass or something of the like in the future. I wouldn't say quit over it though. Making a new character and leveling it to 100 isn't as hard as you think it will be. After you finish your first class to 100, each one after it's substantially easier. You can just keep collecting bonus keys by doing your daily/recommended quests and through the campaigns and level your new character on the side. (Which you should do anyways because you can make a lot of money doing weekly quests on other characters). The more characters you make, the more keys you will get too. I have like 26 100's now without even trying and I only have 2 characters and I use my third free character slot to remake every day to make 1 million meseta and do the starting quests for boosters and all the early rewards up to level 30. Leveling up in kind of a joke in this game. The first one you level is always the worst.