Bring music discs and stickers back to FUN scratch!

From open beta onwards, every FUN scratch introduced new music discs, generally providing 2-3 new ones every changeover. This slowed down a couple months ago to be just 1 new music disc each FUN scratch, until February 2021 Part 2 which added Café Area.

Since then, music discs have stopped being introduced to the FUN rotation. Café Area stayed in February 2021 Part 3 before leaving, and since then we've had February 2021 Part 4, March 2021 Part 1 and now March 2021 Part 2 with no music discs at all.

The obvious point may be made that there's no need for music discs as New Genesis lacks Personal and Alliance Quarters where they can be used. But FUN scratch still includes furnishings on rotation and those only work in Personal Quarters. Moreover New Genesis is still a short time away (and potentially further on Global).

There are still FUN music discs on the JP rotation that Global has never seen, including a few of the boss battle tracks. This gap would also be an opportunity to include many of the dozens of field tracks that JP could only get as bonus codes with physical OST purchases or more recently through the Treasure Shop, neither of which exist on Global.

Alternatively, this is a perfect opportunity to revive the music discs from the first FUN scratches, including the first and second versions of the PSO2 theme. These were almost prohibitively expensive on Ship 3 by the time the game released on PC and they probably don't even exist on the market on Ship 4.

Edit: Vashzaron in the reply below points out that this also applies to stickers, as it seems February 2021 Part 2 was the last time to include any and there are appear to be some that are missing from recent promotional videos.

I agree but did you notice in all the ones you listed they also stopped adding the usual FUN Decals/Stickers as well, its possible they just stopped including them because they think most people don't care about these items. I think I was the only person who noticed the lacking of the whole set for Dreamy/Lovely because the stickers are nowhere to be found yet advertised in the video, somewhat exactly like the Mitra facepaint dealio.

@Vashzaron said in Bring music discs back to FUN scratch!:

I agree but did you notice in all the ones you listed they also stopped adding the usual FUN Decals/Stickers as well

I didn't. Yeah that should definitely be addressed too. I'll add that to the topic - cheers.

Music discs were one of the main prizes I did the FUN scratch for.

Following this topic stickers have returned to FUN scratch in full volume. Thanks!

However I'm afraid I need to resurrect this topic; following the inclusion of Photoner Attack in the first and second FUN scratches of April, we've now had another four FUN scratch sets with no music discs at all - two of which were announced alongside AC scratches that had music discs of their own!

When I checked around launch last year, PSO2 JP had something in the vicinity of 55-60 music discs available through FUN scratch that they rotated through for several years. Global still hasn't seen all of these once yet. This is a concern because it looks like Personal Quarters Permanent FUN Scratch which is one of two Permanent FUN scratches JP replaced rotating scratches with doesn't have discs at all, meaning any of the temporary FUN scratch discs Global doesn't get, Global will probably never get.