[Ship 03 Thorn] Game & Chill community welcoming all players! [18+] [LGBTQ+] [Discord] [NGS] [RP] [Casual]

Lack of content got you down? Why not give RP a shot?

Finally! New content incoming. Braver class releasing on August 4th!

.. oh yea join the community if you want or something, idk anymore

Braver is finally here! Come join us!

Well.. braver was fun. Back to the content drought!

The discord community is for gaming in general. Feel free to join even if you're looking to play something else.

Lack of content got you feeling blue? Stop by the discord and find chill people to play other games with!

or maybe you're looking to dip a toe in a rp ? Then you're also in the right place. Join us!

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.


Hey we finally got outerwear!

Make sure to type ZUTOMAYO in game chat to recieve a couple of freebies!

One day we'll have a new region to explore...

Today is not that day.

If you're looking for an all inclusive 18+ gaming server look no further! Join us https://discord.gg/dD7F5H6xks