How do you play techer?

I've tried to get into the techer resently, mainly because this video in particular inspired me:

However, upon playing it, I just didnt figure out how to play the Techer properly, because; The Tech charges are too friggin slow, dodging feels way too sluggish and sometimes annoyingly interferes during mid combat. Lack of any parry, counter-dodge or any sort of defense mehanic to protect yourself from attacks (Yes I'm extremely used to playing the Braver and Phantom class.) so the only option for defense is dodge, but that kills your DPS considering how sluggish dodge is. Lastly the class has no photon arts, you only have the default attack option, and the rest you need to use Techs.

And finaly to the techs, the techs are extremely weak and barely deal any damage even at 17 level upgrade, crafting literaly all of them feels extremely tedious. I know the Techer also has those Compound Techs, but they take time to charge by killing enemies and their cooldown is extremely long, they are only great for bossing.

I mean with the braver, I could make good DPS by doing Perfect guards, and finishing the enemy with Cherry blossoms and other PA, which allows me to deal alot of decent damage and DPS to enemies. The Cherry blossom, even the Non-crafted version PA is still very decent to use, great DPS overall, this is not the case with Techs on the Techer, as their charge time is extremely long and overall they do bad damage for such long charges.

So at this point I am guessing that Techer is meant to be a pure support class from this conclusion?

That video is a very specialized Te/Bo build where the player even notes that it primarily for support, doesn't deal that much damage, and is mostly for fun.

Traditional Techter is primarily a Melee class when it comes to damage, facilitated by the Skill Wand Lovers, which enhances Wand Focus, giving you a Sidestep dodge, an always filled Focus gauge, and increasing the power of both the normal Melee attack and the Photonic Fury explosion; the typical move is to Zondeel a bunch of enemies and just go in with Melee, causing a ton of damage because the Photonic Fury explosions splash. Techter does have one PA, Heavy Hammer, which you unlock via a CO from Marlu along with the Simple Fused Techs.

For the charge time issue, if you do want to use Techs, then it is best to sub as Phantom since you get access to Short Charge. Also, regular Fused Techs tend to charge very quickly on Techter in my experience due to the way that Photon Fury explosions (which charge them) cause splash damage.

As for defense, Force and Techter do require Tech Parry (L) for defense when casting, which gives you a 0.6sec Perfect Guard from the front.

If you really do want to play Techter, I recommend going through Cathy's Techter Guide as it gives a lot of detail on the class.

Yeah, Te/Bo is no longer a thing now that the scion classes are out.

On the Japanese side, Phantom did a good job on making the Force and Techter obsolete. So much so that the developers had to create things like compound techniques in order to lure players back from Phantom. You'll be going on a treasure hunt if you're serious about being a Techter.

For sub class, since you used the Phantom class before, I would recommend Phantom as your Subclass, although I personally decided to go with the Etoile subclass after using both for a bit.

The first thing on the treasure hunt list is Nabarta Type-0. This is your block button, and you can perform a strong counter with a high chance of freezing the target (when possible) on a perfect guard, much like your Braver's counter move.

Next on the list is Marlu's client order. It requires level 50, but when you complete it you get Heavy Hammer and the three simple compound techniques. Heavy Hammer is your one-and-only all-purpose Techter Photon art allowing you to close gaps quickly and deal big hits to the target. I'm personally not all that impressed with Re Zandia or Re Formelgia, but I do use Re Barantsia regularly. This technique allows one to move around the battlefield quickly while constantly attacking whatever target aimed at with ice and light. It may not generate "big" damage numbers, but you do get a lot of them over time, so it's well worth it in any situation where being close to the target is a bad idea. Especially fun with a Kwadarka Orb and the S1: Photon Descent 2 enhancement. 10% of PP costs and a constant 5 PP per second even while the technique is active can really extend the firing time.

Then there is Tech Charge Parry (L) ring. At a full +20, it gives 0.6 seconds of guard frames whenever you charge a technique. With Phantom Tech Short Charge from the sub, this gives very similar results to Phantom's class-only stealth charge. Except it's guard frames instead of i-frames, so you're still vulnerable from the back. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't recommend other rings until you can bind this to a unit. Frankly I have the combined version Defense Techniques bound to one of my units right now. Alternative Wand E Charge may be really tempting, but stick it out.

The big compound techniques give you occasional big burst damage almost for free. Either complete Klariskrays's orders or buy them from the photon drop exchange to get them. I bought mine early for photon spheres and didn't regret it. But if you do have the levels in any class, Klariskrays is likely the better option.

In terms of actual combat, basic attacks backed by Photonic Fury and Wand Lovers can actually out-DPS most of your techniques and possibly many other classes' PAs, while earning you PP instead of costing it. It is definitely viable to use Shifta, Deband, Zanverse, Megiverse, Zondeel, and Type Zero Nabarta as needed while relying on just basic attacks to kill opponents. The only trouble with this is it's also dangerous. You don't have a guard cancel so just getting into an opponent's face and swinging blindly is a very good way to get you smacked back in return. I find myself using Techniques for damage at range very often. It gets the job done safely most of the time.

@JasminePuma4780 said in How do you play techer?:

So much so that the developers had to create things like compound techniques in order to lure players back from Phantom.


Phantom didn't come out until Episode 6, the original Compound Techs were released in Episode 3, and the Simple Compound Techs were released in Episode 5.

Oops. I may have been misinformed. Sorry.