Noob MAG question

I just returned to the game and i am playing a Bouncer/Hunter. Back when i started my character, i was using a guide that said to feed my MAG with items that would increase Melee Support so i have Lvl 60 in that, with my character being lvl 29. Now, after reading online, seems going DEX would have been better. Should i continue increasing Melee Support, try to increase DEX as much as possible or what?

Forgot so say, i use Soaring Blades most of the time but i also use Jet Boots from time to time

I say get a bunch of level reduction devices to remove the melee stat while feeding your Mag PA and Tech disks to build dex up

A pure Melee Mag is still good for Bo/Hu, but just remember to take Switch Strike for when you use Jet Boots (this Skill makes Jet Boots scale from MEL-Pwr instead of TEC-Pwr).

The only situation where you will wish you had a pure DEX Mag would be if you switch your subclass over to Phantom since the Skills Bouncer Mag and Phantom Mag stack, meaning that a lv200 DEX Mag would give you 400 MEL- and TEC-Pwr instead of just 200; if you sub Etoile or Luster, however, having either a DEX or Melee Mag is practically the same due to their Mag Skills (ie. in either case your Mag will give you 200 MEL- and TEC-Pwr).

[On a semi-related tangent, in my personal opinion, having subbed all three Scion classes with Bouncer, Phantom works best if you are primarily using Jet Boots since it lets you properly weave Techs into your style thanks to Phantom's Tech Charge Skill and the JB Tech Arts Ring, while I would say Etoile and Luster are a toss up with each other with Soaring Blades since they are both strong {Et Melee multiplier: 155.25% without Tech Arts / 178.5% with Tech Arts; Lu Melee multiplier: 170% @0 Voltage / 187% @500+ Voltage}, but fit different playstyles since Etoile can let you tank hits during some of SB's longer PA animations while Luster allows you to get high Voltage very quickly thanks to the multi-hits from the Photon Blades.]

I already have Switch Strike and i am still unsure on what Scion Class i'll get but it seems like it'll just be easier to continue raising Melee and just go Etoile or Luster, right?

@Gabriel6897783 Personally, yeah, I would go that route just to not have to deal with reducing the Mag's levels, but if you would rather go the DEX route (to have the option of any of the three Scions for a sub), you can remove those 60 Melee levels from your Mag for 300 ExCubes (60 Mag Level Down Devices at 5 ExCubes each) after getting its DEX up (or buy a new Mag for 300AC/3USD to make a pure DEX).