New Hair Extensions.

I have no clue what Forum to post this in cause its not really a bug, though it bugs the hell outta me. Love the new Hair Extensions but they are completely uneven which makes trying to use them an absolute pain. Hair.png

As you can see in this picture one of them is farther away then the other which makes trying to make them symmetrical physically impossible. Not sure if its the same on JP or something got messed up on Global but the other 2 combo extensions I have are symmetrical.

Can anything be done about this or am I just SOL? They are perfect for what I want to use them for but they arn't Symmetrical so it doesn't work as well as it should.

I mean idk why it's uneven, but if it's an accessory (which I think most things called hair extensions are, but not sure which one this is to check) you could always just move it.

Sure, but one side will always be either inside the head to far or away from the head to far. There will always be some weird gap that shouldn't be there.

Hi there! Is this the "Fluffy Neck Hairline" accessory from Spellbound Operative? Just need to check this before submitting to the team for investigation. Thank you!

Yes, and thank you. If it makes a difference its when its inverted that I see the issue the most. The other Hair extensions I have used when inverted (with angling) are all symmetrical this is the first one that hasn't been.

In the meantime maybe you could wear it with unsymmetrical hairstyles to fill in the gap on one side? Some hairstyles are more fluffy on one side than the other, worth a shot.

I got it to semi work but still not perfect. Was the exact 2 items I needed from this scratch (Leather Boots: Brown and the Hair Extensions) for my Selphie Tilmit Cosplay.


Again, not perfect but I can work with what I have.