Just post of a someone talk about console pso plz fix this

Seems like this issue with Xbox One is in the minority, or everyone has already completely switched over to PC, or we'd be seeing more chatter about these issues of low FPS freezing that will happen at any time, anywhere in the game. While I also play on PC quite a bit to avoid these freezing issues, I would still like to play on my 4K TV from time to time with crisper Xbox One X graphics (that far outperform current PC graphics, even with Gshade).

Curious if Sega/Microsoft is even aware of problems with Xbox One at all? Has it been acknowledged by them in any post? Are they working on a fix? The only thing different I have noticed is that they added an option to Xbox consoles called "Automatic Resolution Adjustment" in Settings > Graphics Options. The option is toggled on, and is supposed to maintain high stable FPS while automatically lowering the resolution on the fly. This doesn't really seem to do anything for me on Xbox One X, nor is it visibly degrading the resolution for me. I still get the game FPS freeze ups. On the Xbox One S however, with the option turned on... you can see the game turn very muddy with super pixelation right before your eyes.. BUT.. still with super low FPS problems.

I'm assuming that settings option is still in beta or something and is only an attempt at a temporary bandage that isn't actually doing anything to fix the problem. Its just a little frustrating knowing that the game ran rock solid, hours on end on Xbox One X during the beta period. It worked really well right up until the last maintenance/upgrade that opened the floodgates for PC. After that you can say that the Xbox version on the S and the X got worse over time. Now its almost unplayable no matter what game activity you undertake. Heck, I can be standing in my personal quarters and the FPS will drop super low at random and lockup the game, with game music still playing in the background.

with Xbox the problems are mostly related to bad optimization for the console, for what I know Xbox didn't had issues before the PC release that is also when the content started to be rushed and optimize content of 8 years to a console that the game was not developed from the start will lead to some issues that is what happens with the Xbox now.

I'm pretty sure Sega knows about the issues but fixing the engine now probably is not in their list of priorities considering that when the new graphic engine comes to Global it will break stuff too is when they gonna start fixing stuff for the Xbox instead than fix the problems they have now see everything break again with the new engine and fix it again.

It's just as bad with the PS4 in JP, and it's only going to get worse. The graphics update is killing the PS4 over there, even the pro.

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It's just as bad with the PS4 in JP, and it's only going to get worse. The graphics update is killing the PS4 over there, even the pro.

Yesterday’s update solved the issues stated in the Japanese PS4 Version and even on base PS4 I can use the prioritise Image quality option with 60 fps cap and have no issues even in populated blocks or super enemy spawn EQs (UQs to Global players)

@YagyuChan that good but I have to see about xbox which it probably won't be fix on

@Jamesmor I understand thanks for thinking that way it hoestly run very well at the start

Currently in global, the Xbox version of PSO2 runs on Direct X 9. I'm pretty sure the graphics update brings that up to Direct X 11, which is pretty well known to have a metric ton of optimization benefits over Direct X 9. Assuming same hardware and no changes to what's being displayed (Textures/polygon count/Lighting) a game running Direct X 11 will always out preform a game running Direct X 9.

The new lighting engine likely has some issues of it's own, but once those are fixed we should have a smoother running game than base PSO2 on Xbox. I'm on the Xbox Series X and still run into some extreme stuttering and FPS loss when loading into blocks with high populations due to the console struggling to load in everyone's models. This gets fixed in the Direct X 11 version of the game.