I don't see the option under game perks

I've been looking for the option to even get the code or what not from my game pass ultimate and don't even have the option for it. The only games under player perks is sea of theives, smite, and world of tanks. Not sure what I'm missing

I'm having the same issue. I see the same games but Pso2 is missing.

Its currently disabled because of being able to redeem multiple of the reward on the same account. Hopefully it will be back up soon and fixed.

@Hax-Mega thanks for letting me know, don't suppose there is a time frame when it'll be back huh?

No time frame as far as we know. Each time it gets put back up it seems that the issue isn't getting fixed. Its been up like 3 times now and then taken back down. It seems to give a different code each time too, which lead to unknowing people getting temp banned along with the people purposely exploiting the system.

Damn, still no good on it being back ☹