player tried to dox me. support link not working posting on forum.

full log is below please contact. player who threatened to dox me is named "KFC".

Is this Discord? How is Sega going to help if you're being harassed on Discord?

@FANtasyStarOnline no this is an ingame log

Ahhh, cool. You should send a ticket, they can probably ban the guy.

@FANtasyStarOnline ticket link isnt working so thats why i posted on the forum!

Sorry, pushed post reply too quick.

Clear browser cookies then do this:

Log off completely from the PSO2 website. Select "Support" Select "Contact us now" Select Steam

@FANtasyStarOnline just tried, just keeps looping over and over sadly. would like to get a ticket out asap, hopefully a gm sees this post. thanks for your help

@FANtasyStarOnline got a ticket, had to sign in through microsoft