UQ Seasonal/Annual Repetition Question

Hey All,

Since its might be a little far off and the desire for as solid an answer as can be had is burning a hole in muh brain. Do the more seasonal/annual UQs repeat around the same times each year?

My main reason for asking is I deeply regret not having picked up a D-AIS Blaster when I had the chance before when the Dignity of Steel UQ was in rotation. This being the only documented place I've been able to find per Arks-Layer et. al. that it drops from.

Thus while it would be good to know how they all repeat if they do so. My real question is. Is it likely Dignity of Steel will repeat this year around the time it did last year?

Thank you.

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The Dignity of Steel Unleashed is an Eps 4 quest that has since been discontinued. Mostly because there's the enhanced version called Impossing Iron Assault (it should have pretty much the same drops, though I'm not sure if they ever fixed the drop pool.)

Since this is an old UQ it's probably not going to be in rotation unless they gave it an UH difficulty like they did with Elder, Omega Luther, Profound Darkness, etc. There have been cases where it has appeared as an Unscheduled UQ alongisde the other Eps 4 quests, but it's very unlikely to happen since Mining Base always takes priority on Unscheduled.

Your best bet is to get the Impossing Iron Assaulted trigger from the Rising Weapon Badge Shop 3. I wouldn't recommend it to run it on XH solo unless you're pretty good using the old A.I.S. (it took me 37 mins last time I tried) so you better try out on SH or get some pals alongside you to make it faster.

I remember seeing Yamato weapons dropping from the 4th Recommend Quest "Disturbing Whistle of Chaos", check the Item Log whenever that quest is in rotation. It could also drop from there.

Thank you for those pointers. Its been a while that I've all but forgotten about the statistical loot tables per quest etc.

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