Skill resets more available for newbies (or for everyone, why not).

I started playing this game like 1 month ago, and of course being a newbie I started experimenting leveling up things that I thought were useful, but actually are pretty garbage in one class, the changed to another class just not to get tilted and leveled up other skills which were also garbage.

I like reading and learning about the game and also trying new stuff, like I went and leveled the techer poison buffs to use be Ra/Te with a poison rifle just to learn later down the road that most bosses are inmune to the Poison Status (Which is not mentioned anywhere outside of hardcore reddit posts). So allowing people to reset skills maybe one or twice for the first 2-3 months of account creation could be a good way to promote people trying new builds and trying new playstyles and not only googling: "Best Ranger build" and copy that.

Just making the skill reset tickets available for real money could be fine by me, no problem in dumping 5 bucks in resetting the skills of a character I like.

You can buy Extra Skill Trees for 500AC (5USD), and then reset them for 100SG via the Move Skill Tree option, all from the Class Counter.

JP did originally have 1000AC Single Tree Reset Passes, but they were removed and replaced with the Extra Skill Tree/Move Skill Tree system; this change basically gives you more value since you have an extra Skill Tree to play around with and you can reset it for "free" since you can gain SG through in-game means.

@AndrlCh almost no one knows this, I asked around in my alliance and googled online and no one gave this solution, the game should have this in FAQ or something, and it's also overcomplicated. However, thank you for the solution though.

just let us reset one tree with star gems.