In the name of more Phashion, I performed science with the NGS Type male body!

After taking a good look at the options the NGS Type male style body had, I wondered how close I could get it to be the exact same as my normal body proportions (both for NGS Type female style body and PSO2 Type female body) to allow me to potentially use male outfits that may look interesting for photo taking!

alt text

NGS Type male style body

alt text

NGS Type female style body

alt text

NGS Type male style body

alt text

PSO2 Type female style body

Success, it seems?

That works pretty well actually, though I imagine it'll look a little worse with outfits that are less armor-like. A hard metal armor plate probably helps keep the illusion of a chest with the flat front being normal, so if you had a cloth-based outfit you'd expect to fold a bit it might end up looking stranger.

I avoided posting the armorless look because... erm... it'd be literally a nippleless topless female body... coughs so I figured that wouldn't be a good idea since it'd literally be outright nudity...!

So I just posted the body with the "Ash Armor", meaning, yep, you can actually have a perfectly female looking body using the NGS Type male style body without the basewear or setwear on top, so it should also work with less armored outfits when we finally get them!

This can be seen in the salon by pressing R1/RB (when using gamepads that is) to toggle layers on and off until you only have a default innerwear... and as we know, male innerwear is literally just topless underwear...!

Yeah, I didn't mean topless pics or anything, just when there's gear that's based on stuff that isn't supposed to look like it's made of metal. Dunno what all outfits are actually available in NGS at the moment though, if there's any cloth-ish male-type outfits anyway.

Tbh, this is a Mature game with mature content.

Not certain how many censor gag items there are, but using that to cover nipples would probably be fine as far as forum screenshots go.

That's not a bad idea... now to find those in a player shop that won't cost me 4 arms and 3 legs... because the human body doesn't have that many!

Well, as long as we're going on that tangent, FUN scratch had a "censor bar" item recently that goes over the character's eyes, and you could probably get in the player shops for pretty cheap, still. When we get the graphical update, we'll be able to change anchor points of accessories (I believe this works on PSO2 non-NGS accessories as well), so you could probably put that censor bar over your char's chest if you wanted to.

I can already see some players on Ship 3 doing that censor bar gag to loli characters just to meme for the keks.

I'm more interested in if I can have a Heterochromia Beast Face CAST with the base PSO2 model.

@MasterDarkwingz You can, and fun fact, with the update you can actually adjust Beast ears if you are using the Deuman variant (though for some reason they count as the horns instead of the ears when you go to adjust them). It might be a bug, but I'm hoping they don't remove the function.