xbox error817

error 817

I created a character a couple months ago and then logged off because my friends and I were going to play this together. Now I am logging in and it is saying "your account has been temporarily frozen to investigate suspicious activity." It also says it is error No.817.

How in the world did this happen? How in the world is my account suspended when I never even did anything beyond the intro missions? I never had any interactions with other players and never posted anything. This seems insane to me and I don't understand why this was done.

Please fix this. Also I am glad I never got to the point of spending money on this game if this is what they do to accounts.

Also I know of no way to fix this since it won't even let me log into my created character. additionally the options on the web page and forums are so limited with account options I don't even know how to reset my account if that is an option.

the max you can do is send a ticket but so far I didn't see anyone having their account reverted from any of those cases also doesn't help that you probably created your account when the influx of bots was high and did exactly what those sacrificial accounts did that it was the tutorial only.

I don't understand why bots would even be a problem. I mean wouldn't it just artificially inflate their user base and make them look like more people play which should increase revenue?

even if they did think I was a bot, why wouldn't they take me speaking up as a sign that they made a mistake?

Makes me think it was a game that has been abandoned by it's creators and sadly was gonna be a waste of time to play anyway.

If I don't get my account back I can only say they lost a paying customer because I spent thousands in other games I play when they have my attention so this is just dumb and neglectful on their part.

Thanks for reaching out though Jamesmore 🙂

At least the community still exists even if the game creators died under a pillow somewhere.

It has now been a few days and I have submitted at least 3 tickets. I have not heard back from anyone who works on this game. Utterly absurd and I don't understand how this has gotten so rottenly ignored.

If anyone knows how to actually get a hold of some one please let me know. I am baffled as to how to effectively contact them.

One thing to nkeep in mind is that with each ticket submitted, you push your tickets to the back of the queue, especially if they use the same e-mail. All support services do this, but others have larger support staffs so it seems like they answer quickly no matter how many you submit to them.

@Ragnawind This. As a Japanese company, throwing them multiple tickets will probably clog up their system. Although it is weird that they haven't responded at all, are you using an email that you check? In other words, my PSO2 account is my Outlook account, but I don't read any emails on it.

hi guys 🙂 thanks for responding. Yeah i'm using consistent email & login stuff throughout. I don't know why they are taking this long to get back to me. I'm honestly starting to think I will never get to play the game again.

Quite dismayed at that and not sure what else to do.