Not being able to join party

Everytime my friend group sets up a party, my boyfriend and I can't join it together. We live in the same household with two Xboxes, but when I join the party he can't join. Also, if he invited me I don't receive the invite. Is there something we are missing or what?

Try changing you game Id when you get to the character select screen pick support options and rename your Id there it’s the number that starts with PN you can change it once for free, that helped me and my friend, I kept getting I could not Communicate with player has his blacklisted when he wasn’t, I hope this helps

@SaviorZero82 so we figured it out for some reason if you have someone muted in Xbox voice chat it automatically blocks them in your game list. But thank you for the help!

Yes, glad you figured this out! Other users have experienced the same thing and we are passing this along as the fix.