The SG system could use some tweaking

The SG scratch needs a bit of tweaking. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to get enough SG to get the items we want in the SG scratch, so much that all of the casual players I know would rather not grind to use the SG scratch and instead use the fresh finds. Spending real money isn't a viable option because the real money to sg conversion rate is awful. The SG items being untradeable means that half of the items we scratch may be useless. I vaguely recall being able to trade SG scratch on JP servers in the past. If so, the change to untradeable was an unwelcome one, and it might be part of the reason the game is currently hemorrhaging players.

A large part of what kept me and some casual player friends playing the JP servers was the ability to grind or scratch AC and resell those items for money within the game. After that, I could spend the money to buy whatever fashion I wanted to buy. In global PSO2, we have both the SG barrier and mission pass untradeable barriers preventing us from acquiring the items we want, leaving us with nothing to do in-game. The result? Some other casual players and I skip entire weeks to months of gameplay. If the scratch for the week doesn't have what we want, "might as well just not play this week." However, there are often fashion items on the SG scratch and fresh finds that we want. Without the ability to acquire it through in-game, there is no reason to log in and play since we can't get the fashion anyways. Other times, we don't have the time to grind hours of random SG weeklies for a chance at maybe getting the item we want or, more likely, getting a completely useless item or a repeat item.

Like I said with the Mission Badge exchange shop the SG Recycle Badge exchange shop should offer all items from previous scratches and TBH for not more than 10 badges per item at max (and that's already pushing it given how hard SGs are to come by and that FF gives you an entire set for the SG equivalence of 7 (or the MP Gold Ticket giving you 12 sets (+ some duplicates) and some other stuff for the SG equivalence of 1.25) badges).