Augment help

I need a bit of help choosing my final weapon and unit builds. I am a ranger/hunter and mostly use assault rifles but still use launcher for group spawns. What would be the best augments that I should I have on my units and weapons ? My end game units and weapons would be Klauz units and the lightweaver cras rifle and launcher (or whatever it will be called global). I’m still learning the augmenting system so any help would be great.

I run a Ranger main with an Etoile sub for offense and Hunter sub for defense, and also plan to use Kluaz weapons and units.

Here are my plans for weapons:

  • S1 Augment Will
  • S2 Timeflow Vitality 2
  • S3 Aggressive Will
  • S4 Life Steal Strike
  • S5 Steadfast Expanse (Rifle)
  • S5 Skillfull Adept Will (Launcher and Gunblade)
  • Grand Precision (Rifle and Launcher)
  • Mana Reverie
  • Mark Anger (Gunblade)
  • Exceed Energy

(You will need to use Transfer Passes and capsules for the non-S-Grade augments)
I can use the healing augments even though I have an Etoile sub, since I didn't put anything in Damage Bouncer, since my play-style doesn't call for that and is more tactics based, I also don't use traps since I tend to fight from a distance and other Rangers also do the same.

Here are my plans for units, I plan to go 6 slots, just still need to figure out the last one though:

  • Klauzment Back = S6: Guardian Shield, Shiva Glare, Grand Stamina, Doom Breaker II, Mana Reverie, ???
  • Klauzment Arms = S7: Medicinal Potentiation, Mitra Glare, Grand Stamina, Doom Breaker II, Mana Reverie, ???
  • Klauzment Legs = S8: Fortified Life Vessel 2, Varuna Glare, Grand Stamina, Doom Breaker II, Mana Reverie, ???

Everything on my lists is either S-Grades, Augment Factors, capsules, or transfers, to make the final builds as painless as possible yet still have something viable. I kept the unit augments as generic as I can since they are expensive in materials so I only need to make 1 set and still be able to use them with any class later on.

These plans may still change but its a start until I can see what I can get a hold of once the weapons/units are made and they are upsloted to the target value (8 slots per weapon, 6 per unit).

Do not put Lifesteal on your weapon if you're subbing Etoile.

@Essadis911 As @LazerRay said, your optimal endgame path will be affected by your stockpile of Augment Transfer Passes and Mission Badges, the latter of which can be exchanged for strong augment capsules (Mana Reverie, Aether Factor, and Astral Soul). I'm short on time today, but I'll leave a couple quick thoughts and come back tomorrow if you want any step-by-step suggestions.

For your weapon, as LazerRay noted, if you have 100 Transfer Passes to spare then you can try for an 8-slot Klauz weapon with S1-S5, Exceed Energy, Divine Order, and Grand Precision as Exceed and Divine can only be affixed otherwise with super expensive receptors (AC scratch rewards). If you don't want to use passes I'd probably go with Grand Precision, Mana Reverie, and Phrase Decay / Precision 6 / Astral Soul depending on the content you play/your access to Jellen'd targets. You can make Mana Reverie from scratch if you have enough meseta to buy 8-slot Profound weapons and I walk through that process in the 2nd post of this introduction to affixing guide. The 3rd affixes I mentioned can all be made using a particular weapon's Augment Factor which becomes available when the weapon is at +35 (e.g. any +35 Basilisk weapon at 8-slots would let you affix Phrase Decay).

I'm not sure on the optimal SGAs for Ranger, but did want to give a shout out to S4: Escalating Pursuit as that's easy to obtain (Rising Weapon Badge 5s or Player Shops) and is pretty valuable to most classes.

And one last note about the weapon is that I believe Ranger is one of the few classes that actually doesn't go with Klauz in the endgame. I'd have to do some Googling to remember why, but I believe it has something to do with their rotations not taking advantage of the weapon's potential like other classes can.

As for units, if you need to make your affixes from scratch then I'd wait for a boost week and go for a 6-slot build similar to what LazerRay suggested:

  • SGA
  • Graceful Precision / Grand Stamina capsule
  • Glare
  • Ex Soul
  • Precision 5 / 6
  • Doom Break 2

Keep in mind that the Klauz units have a Glare as their Augment Factor (SAF) once you enhance them to +10, otherwise you'll need 2 copies on fodder during boost week (would probably replace the leg glare with one you make yourself that has RNG dmg if you only play Ranger).

Ex Alles Soul / Ex Tir Soul will require 2 copies during boost week.

Precision 5 comes as an SAF from the Novel Arms (Rising Weapon Badge 5 shop) and Pecision 6 from the Rivalate Arms (Zig upgrade).

Doom Break 2 requires 2 copies during boost week, but also comes via SAF on the Avion Dusk back unit which can drop from Tokyo Rainbow Keys.

My play style sounds like it’s the same as @LazerRay. I don’t use trap just gravity bombs and I tend to keep my distance and spam steady shot. I haven’t really tried any other sub class just hunter cuz I like the iron will and auto mate skills as I tend loss track of my hp lol I have been stocking up on augment transfer passes I have 288 and 747 mission passes I have also already bought 5 mana reverie from the shop and saved 1 grand precision. I also have been stock piling any weapon 7slots and up and units 6 slots and up. I did learn a little bit about up slotting and augments when I built my atlas ex and trailblazer weapons but I didn’t use any augment transfer passes and I want to make sure I get these end games done right the first time. I would prefer my units be 8 slots as I want everything maxed out if I’m going to take all this time in making these.

@Rang-Dipkin Ra doesn't have quite as much of a focus on Klauz rifle because it's a hassle to activate the super mode. You need to use three normal attacks in a short time period to proc it, but Ra wants to maximize Weak Bullet/Blight Rounds uptime. That means you choose between micromanaging bullet count/cooldown to coincide with DPS phases and making another Klauz (launcher/gunblade) to activate the potential with instead. Fluxio on the other hand has weaker but more consistent DPS and doesn't take as much work to operate. So while Klauz is still BiS on paper and straightforward to augment, you have to weigh it against stuff like giving your off-class a Klauz or two and how much simpler it is to use Fluxio.

@Rang-Dipkin The Avion Dusk back unit also comes from the training UQ on UH mode, they are a rare drop, but I got 2 of them in a back-to-back run.

@Right-Hand-From-Behind Didn't you read, I may use an Etoile sub, but I DID NOT PUT POINTS IN DAMAGE BOUNCER!! I will never use that passive since it blocks the very useful backup plan of player/NPC, Mag, and augment healing. I have that sub built for high damage output for my offense set up, since all those passives allow me to shred mobs/bosses quickly.

@Essadis911 Good job saving resources!

If you go for the full endgame unit build you'll make a 4-slot unit with Guardian Soul, Absolute Glare, Crack 5, and Veteran's Resolve 5 from scratch and then use transfer passes to upslot while adding Mana Reverie, Aether Factor, and either a Grand cap or a Mark cap if we get the scratch for it. This will cost 140 transfer passes per 8-slot unit.

I talk about the transfer pass and upslotting process in Post #6 of the link in my previous message. However, @RikaPSO actually walks through the components of making Guardian Soul, Absolute Glare, Crack 5, and Vet 5 in a more recent guide and I haven't updated mine yet. And I'm not sure if @Kamil118 still checks these forums, but like a month ago he posted this recipe on Reddit and I've saved it for when I try to wrap my head around the most efficient way to make those augs.

@AiC-L Ahh, thanks for that explanation! That makes a lot of sense and I'll have to look into the Fluxio series for my alts at the very least.

@LazerRay Ooo, that's great to hear as I haven't played the new UQ much and haven't gotten any Dusk units from my last few Rainbow Keys. Thanks!