Is Trailblazer still the best Armor you can buy?

I don't mind spending the meseta, and don't have the time or inclination to upgrade (system sucks and it's confusing and arduous). I'm on Xbox Ship 2.

If you have no time or inclination to do any of the upgrade paths, no, Trailblazer is not the best because you'll be stuck at 12★.

The best to "buy" are the Schvelle units, because you buy the Ivlida units from the player shop, then just buy the materials necessary from teh Rising Weapon Badge 4 Shop to upgrade them to Cleasis and then Schvelle through Zig. It's not too confusing, and there's no busy work involved.

Trailblazer 13★ however requires quite a bit of grinding Persona.

@XGalvatronX Google suggested an old Reddit thread which linked to this spreadsheet by a user named Dudley. I believe the 12 star units are outlined at the bottom of the page (e.g. Row 27 for 12 star Trailblazer).

According to that page, the 12 star Trailblazers look to be the best that you can straight up buy. However, buying the 12 star Ofze back and arms for the set bonus + a Trailblazer leg is most likely a lot cheaper and pretty close in stats.

I'd also note that if you have 300 Rising Weapon Badge 5s you can get you a full set of the 13 star Novel units which are pretty good. Or, as Matt said, making your own Schvelle units isn't too hard if you have RWB 4s to exchange for the upgrade materials as the cost of Ivlida or Cleasis units on the Player Shops is likely less than the 12 star Trailblazers. Alternatively, Schvelle units drop frequently from Tokyo Rainbow Keys (at least after you're Level 80) and they usually come with pretty decent affixes. You can also re-roll the Deband Drink until you get Special Effect Up to increase your chance at higher slots on those Schevelle units (and I think it's also worth doing Zig's Client Order to get the Augmentalist Talisman to also increase your chance at higher slots).

Mostly any mix of 13 star units is good enough for all content as long as they also have decent affixes and S-augs. If you are lvl 80+ and get the max deband drink with special effect, use RDR, and triboost while doing Rainbow Keys, you can get pretty good units like schevelle, etc. Which is good enough for UH content. Sometimes I get 8 slot units, and then you can do a cheap 8 aug affix (4 single stat, glare or reverie, soul, capsule, and S-Augment) and throw on a graceful stamina capsule and be set until NGS.