Alliance Name: Game & Chill

Ship No.: 3 Thorn

Alliance Type: RP/Casual/Hardcore (any type of player focus welcomed)

Alliance Time Zone: Eastern (EST)

Looking For: Respectful and kind people (18+) To join our community/alliance. RP is encouraged but not required. Chill and positive vibes only.

Scheduling: Main RP Events will take place late night/early morning hours. All members are welcomed to host their own RP Events at any time they wish.

Description: OOC:: The alliance quarters will function as an RP lobby. It is currently unlocked for anyone who wishes to visit. You do not need to join our alliance to be part of this RP lobby. To participate in DSEC specific RP you will have to join the Game & Chill alliance. Area chat is for any public RP and a group chat will be used for DSEC RP. Rules for the RP lobby are posted within our community discord.

IC: The Universe is a big place and largely unexplored, ARKS has formed a new unit, the Deep Space Exploration Command (DSEC) to explore the unknown parts of the universe.