unable to search for items

as of a 2 days ago, i've been unable to search for items, (mainly outfits) on the personal shop. I finally saved enough to get the outfit i wanted and have been unable to find it, while my friends say they are able to. I've done everything from searching it by price, by the name, by the item. Nothing comes up. Is this a known bug? Anyway of fixing it?

This is likely due to the way that the game stores item names in a local, limited cache, which is used for partial/candidate search; the only way to get an item back into this item cache to make it available for partial/candidate search is to see the item, either through a general search (ie. just use the search categories with no item name) or via some in-game list (like a scratch listing).

However, if you know the exact name of the item you are looking for, you can type it in, and instead of hitting the "Search" button right next to the Item Name field, just hit the "Search by price" button at the bottom, and you will see all the shop listings for the item.

There is also the possibility you have been temporarily soft-locked out of the shops system for doing too many listing refreshes in a short amount of time; if that it the case, the only option is to wait a few days and things should return to normal.

@AndrlCh Thank you, with your help, i was able to find the item. I'll know for the future to be careful on searches.