Stop insulting people's chars your char ain't any better.

@Milk Well that's why context always matters. Be it conversation, things we read, or the entertainment we consume. Many forget that, and so arguments are had, and people ban/cancel things like Dr. Seuss books, or in worst cases, historical documentation, because it doesn't work well with current times, forgetting that was something made ages ago, and for a different time. Some purposely remove context for the purpose of spreading misinformation, also known as lies. Context is the glue that holds most societies together, and without it, you are left with nothing more than confusion. Which coincidently, most people seem to be these days. Very confused, and very angry.

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What a topic.

Can't say I've ever seen this reaction to someone's cut-ins though, but also I don't think you can really pull the "whoa dude just mind your own business" card when you use a function that has no other purpose than to show off your char to other people. When you start using cut-ins you're basically opening yourself up to peoples' opinions about what you're showing them, positive or negative.

I have seen it, both good and bad, but it's so rare, and I usually block people like that even though they aren't directing that at me. I don't use cut ins, and I've had nothing but positive reactions to my character designs. And yeah, people will be people, and as much as it sucks, best option is to block people when they behave that way.

@SomeRandom I am once again going to request you post your character so we can all see what drew enough negative attention to you for you to make this thread.

@NIC You next babe

transphobic bathroom guardian.png

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I should make a cool looking character for once, god my designs don’t even look like my character could fight. 😞

My char was rocking the LED sunglasses for a bit too, but with the game's lack of antialiasing they just look weird when you're zoomed out at the usual level during gameplay.

Kid Vid vibes

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I'm sorry, did you just call me a damn old burger king mascot.

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I'm sorry, did you just call me a damn old burger king mascot.

Hey he was the coolest kid in the bunch


just build something you really like not what others like so comments like "ew" means nothing & no amount of criticism can change even the hair color ahaha, i had my share of those times my friend but the thing is i never felt bad about my char or am i just weirdpso20210218_033327_000.jpg

Another day, another "I want other people's opinions to be censored" topic. Keep crying and don't think about making any progress as a human being, when you can just wish for others to be the way you want them to be. In the end ignoring other people and accepting that they have different opinions has always been the best way to cope with life but it seems you are too immature to come to this conclusion.

@Yui2387 He did not mention about censoring opinions, plus "ew" or "YOUR SKIN SUCKS I HATE IT" isn't opinion, but a rage lashouts because someone has different preferences for their character, I believe your perception of reality is pretty skewed.

He never stated what exactly has happened to him so we both just work with assumptions. Nevertheless, there is pretty much no point in trying to change people's minds just ignore the haters. Imagining being sad because someone called your ingame character ugly, talk about emotional stability.

@Yui2387 My emotional state is most likely more stable than yours, also Imagine attacking someones emotional state.

Let me summarize: In every MMO people are toxic because it's the internet and most of them have issues themselves, no proper education or are frustrated by game itself. However, in most games people are toxic because of performance, calling people bad at the game etc. (raids, dungeons, pvp etc.). Since Pso2 has no meaningful pve or pvp content, people have their attention on cosmetics, so I am not surprised that there's a shift towards judging avatars instead of performance which is something I never experienced outside pso2.

People crying about toxic teammates never accomplished anything in the past since you cannot do anything about it other than ignoring it. This is true for for each and every game. OP's answers just show that he hasn't understand this yet so instead of fighting windmills you might aswell tell people to stop being upset about it by ignoring it or other coping methods. This is the most efficient way to your own happiness.