I'm not the only one who doesnt like Phaleg as a character?

It's not because I cannot beat her in a duel fight or like that, considering that I actualy beaten her 3 times in that Duel quest with her in S rank.

It's more character-wise and story plot wise actualy. I honestly think that the sole reason why Phaleg exists was to just be simply annoying to the player (Guardian story-wise), she is also insanely overpowered (Storywise) without any valid plot being built for her other than her magicaly being able to live for more than 2000 years and continiously train her body (I seriously doubt anyone would be able to train their body to be this insanely strong without the use photons lore-wise)

The whole Phaleg character is pretty much this "I can do anything I want and I can beat anything I see, rules of the game and the PSO2 lore do not affect me, and I dont really play any important role lore-wise, I'm just here to be an annoying mary-sue (Overpowered variant) type of character, like Kirito from SAO"

Who else share the same thoughts as me? I just wonder...

@Charus Yea, I did often get the feeling of "why does this character even exist." Kinda like the entire "Watcher" race in the Marvel universe. Super powerful for no real reason, never really does anything. Just a random "convenient plot device" in Episode 4, don't even think she made an appearance in Episode 5 at all, and then in Episode 6 when we're fighting an enemy that is more or less immune to photons (until they're not, because reasons) AND seems equally immune to Aether (because apparently it's just discount store Photons or something) and could actually use a ridiculously overpowered fighter who uses neither of those she's....what? I don't even remember the lame excuse for why she was completely useless in the exact fight in which she should be the only viable contender.

A rather pointless character from the most ridiculously and needlessly convoluted shark-jump episode.

@Charus I'm not sure, but it seems to me that the japanese have some fetish for female characters that can curb stomp the planet/universe, but doesn't for reasons, that treats people, and especially the character you play as like dirt. I base this assumption on how often it's portrayed in games made in japan. Kinda like the 1000 year old magical little girl. I believe there is even a word people use for such a character, i just don't remember what it was. You know, to love you or to murder you or whatever BS it was. I guess that is to be expected from some anime character. Ugh... And that is just the obvious stuff, then there is the ridiculous hand-waves to make sure the omnipotent super woman isn't ever present in a fight, except to punch you in the face, of course. Mary sue indeed.

Hopefully they don't bring her to NGS, but who can guarantee that with an omnipotent, immortal twat who can probably travel through space with...ki energy or something.

Ugh, and once again i rant.

@Yggranya (Sorry for late response)

I just think It's general average Anime fan obsession with the whole "Dommy mommy" fetish amongst the popular Anime community, It became extremely popular for the last years and trully it is gotten annoying because of how it's forced in an "In your face" fashion.

I agree with you, I hope we wont be seeing the overused annoying Dominatrix character trope (Phaleg and Shiva) in NGS, the meme has gotten so overused and annoying.

@Charus Yeah, but since it's popular, it's pretty unlikely that they would stop.