Auxiliaries need more to do

I love the idea of having an Auxiliary as a partner, they're just not very good. What I'd like to see is them having more things to do. Like maybe let them wander around your room, maybe interact with furniture on their own or even play the interactive games like darts or waddle race. How about do reaction emotes to yours? Auxiliary-specific story quests? Or even some offline mini-game you can play on mobile? *thinks of pokewalker. I'm even ok with it not affecting the main PSO2 saves.

Having more stuff for auxiliaries would be nice, seems like they are a neglected feature of PSO2, the best we get is the Ally Hologram, that makes auxiliary full size and you can pose them.

I still geared my auxiliary up well, send her on searches every so often, and bring her along on dailies. I think I might have the most powerful auxiliary on ship 4, she does more damage than the NPC followers and can actually kill smaller mobs while holding back larger ones, plus having the stream of healing and buffs comes in handy since I made her a Force/Techter and kept her with the Pure mood.

Seems like the only time auxiliaries get featured is when you first make them, and in a section of episode 2, there is even a major lack of information about them other than one long outdated and almost forgotten forum post that is not one of the official ones for either the JP or NA/Global versions of PSO2.

What I would like to see for Auxiliaries is for them to get access to scion classes.

All good ideas, that sadly have a low probability of being implemented do to NGS. I still support the ideas though. Auxiliaries and their potential were sadly wasted. They would make cool traveling companions in NGS. Other MMO's have that as a feature, without taking up player party slots. Though I heard auxiliaries and even summoned partners aren't a thing at all in NGS.



o/ (le sigh)

Like many other things in this game Auxiliaries are abandoned content (since EP2?) and don't expect them to ever get touched on again, especially now with NGS coming out. The initial idea for them just seemed to be to tug at PSU players nostalgia for Partner Machines.

The future holds many possibilities. For all we know, they may be added to NGS with improvements. For people who like to RP, being able to make companions for your character would be awesome. Even if they remain untouched in the base game, I'd like to have some story element that lets them travel to NGS with you.

If they don't add any more features to auxiliaries or have a way to bring them to NGS later on, at least I made an alt of mine and her aux is a copy of me (kind of a fun use of saved data, flipping the player character with their own auxiliary on an alt).

considering that Sega already ditched both Personal Quarters and Auxiliaries for NGS the chances of they doing something with then is pretty low and even if they decide to bring then for NGS they probably will be complete different of how they are now.

We gotta stop worrying about why something can't or wont be done. I'm just talking about how awesome this would be if they DID put it in. Let's assume for the moment that Auxiliaries ARE being added. What would be fun? I, for one, would love to have more interactivity with them. You know, give a reason to want more than one, lol. They could have some sort of non-combat support role, like scouting the area for you. Maybe you could have them wait at a location like a waypoint or something. Give them a role in a party other than buffs. What would you want YOUR auxiliary to do in either PSO2 or NGS?