Epic Garbage game Store.

Dear sega, thanks for releasing PSO2 NA to the Epic Garbage Games store..... the most garbage platform.

let alone, you LET BOTS come back... in full swing, you think epic games going to give a crap? hell no they dont...

SOON as you released it to epic Garbage games store, bots came back full swing with their annoying freaking spam.... and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM spam. ( most moronic thing to do was release it to epic garbage games )

@MelodyKLZE What on earth are you even talking about, the bots have never left

There's nothing wrong with them extending to other platforms

i never stated they completely left.... i stated that when epic trash games happened, they came back in full swing. . . . before, i would only see like 1 or 2 every what 4 or 5 days? but then would simply "vanish" and wouldnt see it again.

and yes, there is. . . if its going to degrade the quality of the game yes, yes it is a problem.

the bots appearing more frequently has nothing to do with that platform the game is available is related to until what point the security measures will work so being released on Epic or not was not the issue for the bots.

@MelodyKLZE Epic is the shittiest, second most difficult store to make a working account on, what makes you think Mesetta sellers want to deal with this trash game store? lol

Yeah, as anti-consumer as EGS is, blaming bots on it is frankly silly. We've had periods in the past where Block 01 had four bots concurrently and they were even entering the Shopping Plaza and Franca's Café before. A temporary fraction of that supposedly returning (I share the view they never left) is nothing anyway.

@MelodyKLZE We understand how frustrating to deal with ad spammers on the game, but please know that the team is doing the best to eliminate these bots and extend our platforms. For now, providing rants won't lessen the problem, you might want to reach out to our support team to provide your feedback and opinions that might help the game.

This thread will also be closed as this already violating the community guidelines, thank you.