Evangelion Collaboration

I feel like, that with the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 being 3/8/21 in Japan, the chance to profit off the hype would be in the near future. JP got the collaboration, and I feel like NA is missing out on a lot of it. If not the missions, then hopefully at least the scratch ticket collab like with the Space Battleship Yamato event right now. JP got that in 2014, so why do we have to miss out on other stuff like Evangelion? Can any hints be given if such a thing will even happen? Or when?

Idk, we asked for the ff14 collab like half a year ago. Deyger addressed it and we heard nothing back, That was like half a year ago. I guess Sega jp said "lolno".

Well we are close to parity with JP, so it's possible they are waiting to do collabs like that until after the engine overhaul, as their plates are already full, that and the new finger movement functions would likely be supported, so it could also a marketing strategy to sell even more of the outfits. Also several of the requested collaborations have voice tickets, and that takes time to green light in and of itself, as you need both the English, and Japanese voices in our version of the game, based on the way they handled the Comi voice tickets. It's not a simple matter, and that matter is even more challenging given the current plans to engine switch, and the NGS launch around the corner. I'd say once that's passed, a lot of the pressure will be taken off of the devs, and would open the door for anything they had on the back burner. Essentially patience is a virtue.