Drops are not registering!!!!!!!!

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I have been playing for a awhile and notice my character is not picking up the metals and badges. i Thought it was only yesterday, until i played some divide quest today and still ad the same issue. This is very discourage, I out of all the time i have been grinding, i have missed out on tons of divide medals and unique weapon badges. Never had this problem on JP. But, I want NA to be where i would to spend the majority of my time on, cause i have friends that i play with. This is so discouraging. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have material auto-pick up enabled in the menu? If not, then that may be your issue. If you do have it enabled and the items aren't going into your inventory or Material Storage, then submit a ticket to support.pso2.com.

These are the settings I use for auto-pickup, I rarely miss good drops because of it:


Hopefully this helps, you still will have to manually pickup items below the listed thresh-holds, for that just spam your pickup key/button as you run through the ring of stuff.

(I don't have auto-place into material storage set, since I currently don't have material storage open to begin with.)