About New Graphic Engine on Pso2 Japanese Launcher

Hello everyone i need help, what should i do to help my friend she is trying to play Phantasy Star online 2 on computer with 4GB Ram, Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1000M @ 1.80GHz, windows 10, Intel R i think something it was her gpu, she was playing on that computer for years with no issues on lowest graphics but she cannot launch the game anymore, because of the upgrades, any suggestions if how she can run it with that computer? エロリ.png エロリ一.png エロリ二.png

simply put she can't with that machine, not only it doesn't fill the minimum requirements the hardware doesn't even have the capacity to do certain fuctions that the game now needs so even using other programs to low the graphics even more won't make the game run, the only thing she can do is getting a newer hardware.

If your friend doesn't use an English Patch, then I think (not 100% sure) the Cloud Version should still work even on a computer that no longer meets the minimum hardware requirements. The only issue would be the connection stability.

we live in tokyo, shinjuku-shibuya she is currently in kyoto (she is coming back im waiting her) i ordered her alienware, 32gb ram and bla bla specs GPU AND CPUS I7I9 and bla bla, 320000円 but they said 3 days and now they say 1 week probably due to covid and deliveries, i try to calm her down she want to play with me like crazy i did my part, but she is impatient, ❤ i suggested her to play soul worker with me until her new computer arrives she dont want to she want phantasy star online 2, i cannot play without her so i wait her i only nap in my quarters and do some little staff i play on latest Asus 62gb rams I9s CPUSGPUS and bla bla i had bought it for 1000000 円+its a beast! but my main computer is Fujitsu i have 3 more but i only use them for work they are bit pricey i dont run games there, i only use the Asus for games max graphics i tried new genesis its beautiful i run with no problems at highest fps and max graphic, i let her play from mine we live together she loved it so much she have 2 computers too but she dont want to put the game in there because she use them for work, thank you for the replies! im still waiting her<3 that all from me have a happy day!, there are so many visitors in my quarters whatever ship i choose for some reason they keep on placing me toys and stickers everywhere i had to run away from my quarters there are so many madokas i use miku miku and asuna but my favorite is klee i love the new customizations thats all from me! ありがとうございます!take care!頑張ってください❣