Best Force Subclass in 2021

What's a good subclass for Force in 2021? Currently have a Force Techer but seems like Techer is not so popular for subclass. If you're a Force player, what's your subsclass and why? thx

Posting this here in case it might be helpful. Apologies if you've already seen it. But the Force class as far as I've been able to determine does not seem to have any one or few really deep authoritative guides for it. But for that post being the closest I've been able to find on here.

I do also realize you're not asking for a Force Guide as much as whats the best subclass and why. Perhaps this take that aspect will still be of value. Again if you have not already seen/read it. 😸


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@KnightHarb1nger That is not a good guide; in fact, I'm pretty sure it was a troll guide made to mess up new/unstudied player's Skill Trees. The fact that the Skill Tree doesn't include any of the Masteries and wastes SP on Stat Ups instead is indicative of that.

I personally run Force/Phantom, but I have heard that people also go with Force/Etoile. In raw multipliers, Ph gives ~156% Tech Damage (assuming at least 200PP and 100% Critical Rate) and Etoile gives ~165% Tech Damage (assuming a Perfect Attack).

Fo/Ph's biggest thing is its casting speed; while it may seem like Phantom's Tech Short Charge makes Tech's weaker, the reduction in damage per Tech is more than made up for in the increase in speed and PP cost reduction. Additionally, with a Rivalate Rod using Rivalate Gunblade's S5, I have a 100% critical rate and heal with every hit.

The main thing, though, is that you no longer focus as much on matching element, and instead focus more on Lightning Techs (taking full advantage of Lightning Tech PP Preservation) with some Ice Techs where applicable.

I imagine that Fo/Et is similar in the last regard, but rather than focusing more on fast casting, it is about being able to stand still and cast without fear of being launched or OHKO'd thanks to Stationary Physique, Damage Bouncer, and Etoile Boost; having to use -Mates and Atomizers to heal seems like a small price to pay for that, I think.

@AndrlCh Fair points. Agreed the verbiage is flamboyant to say the least. And the approach and build out interesting at best. All in all as you said a novel and not a good guide for a more straight forward proper purist Fo.

Which leads me to my point of there not seeming to be as in one or few places as deep and thorough of class guide like there are for others. Curious if you know of any of such caliber.

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@KnightHarb1nger This one is in-depth and even has sections on what Techs need to be crafted:

Thank you! Sounds like Techer is no popular any more! Will try Force/Phantom, or Force/Etoile.

@rez2cool is less about being popular and more that is not worth it, Techer still gives the best overall damage for Force but the charging time with Force is a real issue in episode 5 and 6 even more in UH difficulty that the mobs will not give you time to charge techs thats why Phantom and Etoile are used that both deal with the charging techs in their own ways.

i choose gunner cause faster pp regen= more dps

edit: sorry i didnt see this was a old thread for base pso2