Changing class, keeping skills?

So, this is more a question than stating a fact. In the beginning I was switching classes and playing a bit until I found the class with the right playstyle for me, now that I am more experienced and had a hard look at class skills etc. it seems that I have kept the skills that I acquired from the earlier playing like the summoners automatic HP regen, I'm currently playing Br/Ph. I asked around in my alliance but they said you don't keep skills. So is this a bug? Or are they wrong?

@Death-Revan256 In brief, no, you don't keep skills from unequipped classes. So right now you only have access to all of Braver's skills and all of Phantom's ones that don't say "main class only." However, you do gain access to flat stat buffs from all non-scion classes that you've leveled up to 75 (i.e. all classes except Hero, Phantom, Etoille, and Luster).

As for automatic HP regen, this could be coming from your mag (e.g. HP Recovery A) or your rings (e.g. HP Restorate). And if it's active HP regen then it could be from your weapon augments (e.g. S4: Lifesteal Strike or S5: Skillful Adept Will) or potentials (e.g. one of the Occuld TMGs grants health).

You don't lose/reset your skill tree when you change classes, so the skill will be unlocked. However, since you are not a summoner in any sense, the skill will not be active.