Farming Varuna/Mitra module?

I’ve been farming divide quest step 26-30 a lot and I’ve had next to nothing drop for the module items so I’m just wondering whether you actually have to kill the final boss to have them drop?

@mesetan Yes, you do have to defeat them for the modules to have a chance to drop.

@Ezodagrom people from my alliance have been saying that they’ve had them drop regardless of killing the boss or not so idk what to do, should I just drop to lower divide quest steps so I’m able to kill the boss then?

they have a chance to drop from killing then but you also get some from score so continue doing it, also the system was made to get a few per week and was not designed to how we got the content.

@mesetan They may have gotten them from the weekly rewards, or maybe they defeated just one of the two bosses in step 30 and that was enough to get the module of the defeated boss?

I’m almost positive you need to defeat them to get the modules and their glares to drop, I tested this out a few weeks ago and never got any modules or glares to drop when I never defeated them (it’s possible I just got unlucky in this regard). You can definitely only defeat one of them and get the modules and glares to drop from the one you managed to defeat, so you can just focus on one at a time, and then do the other one once you have enough modules.

If you’re struggling to defeat either of them you might need to take a step back and work on upgrading you gear with what we have available atm. Even though the Klaus units are really good and BiS for a lot of classes, these runs are designed around you having pretty decent gear to begin with, so you can dps the bosses within the time limit.

A tip that I haven’t seen anyone post anywhere is that you can speed your runs up a lot, the covert operations missions you can skip entirely, just hit the telepipe straight away, and you can usually do this twice every run, saves you a huge amount of time, by doing this you should be able to do a run every 10mins or so, including looting and reloading. This is of course if you just want to speed run for modules and don’t want or need any of the items that drop from these missions.