Additional "accesory" while trying emotes on recent AC Scratch.

Something I discovered early this morning was that when you tried the weapon camo *Fesley Lewis, and immediately try any of the present emotes on the Scratch, your character gets an additional "accesory" on the preview.

Here's how it looks before I try the camo. IMG_20210303_222813.jpg

And after I try the camo. IMG_20210303_223930.jpg

You might have noticed that I put "accesory" in quotation marks. And that's because I'm not sure if it's one. An alliance mate told me that it might be then sheathed camo, which is totally possible because both take the color of your outwear/outfit, and it also doesn't take any of your accesory slots. I'm not really sure because I don't have the camo.

I know it might be a bit difficult to see on just pictures. So I posted a video here.

Actually, trying it on the other AC Scratches always shows the weapon camos. So it is the weapon camo and not an accesory.

Was it always like this? Is it intentional? Can't remember ever seeing it before.